The Future of Turn Based Attack (A Letter from an Editor)

Commence the human screams

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Managing your week around generating three separate websites worth of content, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube etc… is insane. I’ve peered into the void for far too long refusing to blink failing to realize that gathering everything under one roof guarantees weekly content without worrying about keeping to a schedule.

I would like to first thank everyone and anyone who has listened to, watched, or otherwise engaged with our content up until now in any way. I would like to now announce what the future of Turn Based Attack looks like.

Turn Based Attack will continue as a video game focused site first and foremost, but will also now accommodate any future Longbox Radio (A Comic Book centered YouTube channel managed by Lee) and Tits of the Iceberg (An explicit Pop Culture podcast) content. will now be your one stop shop for whatever our unique squad of a**holes release onto the world wide web.


P.S. We will no longer be censoring future content so keep an eye out for the (Explicit) tag on podcasts or videos that you might not want to listen to on the school bus or in church. Thanks!