Shakedown Hawaii Boasts Twice the Bits

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I am not a fan of referential humour. It has always come off cheap, lazy, and very ‘Mad Magazine’ to me. There is, however, an exception. A video game by the name of Retro City Rampage… and it’s getting a sequel.

Retro City Rampage is a relentless 8-bit tour de force with subtle and smack you in the face humour so deeply steeped throughout it’s adventure that it takes multiple playthroughs to catch it all.
Disguised as an homage to the top down Grand Theft Autos of old it scratches a nostalgic itch that even ‘Chinatown Wars’ failed to reach.


Vblank Entertainment is back with their recently named sequel, ‘Shakedown Hawaii’. Their 16-bit follow up will be playable in just over a week at PlayStation Experience in December and appears to be positioned to launch on most every current video game platform. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one!


(For more info or to view the trailer check out their official site here)