Turn Based Attack (TBA) may receive products or samples for review purposes. We may not provide reviews simply because we are given a review copy. In the event that a product is provided to us before its retail release date, we will abide by embargos presented to us by the studio/company/PR firm that provides the material if applicable.

Review scores will not be provided to publishers/developers before the review has been published. Review scores, once published, are final and will not be revised.

Turn Based Attack will never agree to provide a favorable score for a product in exchange for: gifts, early access, etc.

All reviews written after June 25 2014 will not contain scores with a decimal value and will be ranked from 1-5 stars. Every review will state if the product was purchased at retail, provided by the developer/etc., and what console it was played on. Reviews will also state how much time the writer spent playing the game, or a rough estimation if there is no game-time measurement in-game.

Review scores should be interpreted as such:

  • N/A – Early access, broken or otherwise unplayable. Score cannot be applied given current state of product.
  • 1 – Deplorable
  • 2 – Below average
  • 3 – Average
  • 4 – Above average
  • 5 – Exceptional

For further questions or concerns regarding the Turn Based Attack review policy, contact us.

Last revision: June 26 2014