Happy Nintendo Day 2.0!

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Nintendo Day 2.0

Today marks the 2nd annual Nintendo Day… or Nintendo Day 2.0 as the Big N has coined it.

The first Nintendo Day centered around the release of Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and it’s accompanying Amiibo back in 2014.

Nintendo is releasing two first party offerings today including Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for Wii U and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

I had some time with Mario Tennis Ultra Smash at this years E3 and it’s more of the same we’ve come to expect from this sports spin-off. Notable changes include the ability to ‘jump’ and hit the ball back at an opponent before it bounces as well as new power-ups including the giant mushroom that has an expected effect. I have personally enjoyed every Mario Tennis to date and will likely be putting some hours into it’s Wii U debut.


Pokemon (Super) Mystery Dungeon, while not NEARLY as popular as the standard collect 8 badges, topple an evil corporation, beat the elite 4 series, has cut out it’s own niche with die hard Pokemon fans. Typically the game involves the player assuming the roll of a Pokemon, gathering allies, and exploring rogue-like dungeons with some overarching plot holding everything together.

Two (or three if you visit EB Games) Amiibos are available today. Mewtwo and Falco (EB Exclusive for 7 days) as well as a standalone Green Yarn Yoshi are now available for purchase.

Happy Nintendo Day!