The Game Awards 2015 – The Final Results

The 2nd Annual 'Keighleys' Are Over


Geoff Keighley presented his vision of The Game Awards this past Thursday evening for the second consecutive year. The two hour event was streamed live from Los Angeles California and was definitely lower key than the previous years ceremony but one thing is for sure… it’s still leaps and bounds better than what Spike TV used to broadcast.

In this article I’ll highlight the winners of each category and of the evening.

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Shakedown Hawaii Boasts Twice the Bits

November 25, 2015  /  Filed under: News


I am not a fan of referential humour. It has always come off cheap, lazy, and very ‘Mad Magazine’ to me. There is, however, an exception. A video game by the name of Retro City Rampage… and it’s getting a sequel.

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Happy Nintendo Day 2.0!

November 20, 2015  /  Filed under: News

Today marks the 2nd annual Nintendo Day… or Nintendo Day 2.0 as the Big N has coined it.

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I would like to first thank everyone and anyone who has listened to, watched, or otherwise engaged with our content up until now in any way. I would like to now announce what the future of Turn Based Attack looks like.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Aug 17-23, 2015

August 23, 2015  /  Filed under: News

It was a slow week, but here’s your weekly wrap-up!

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