Turn Based Attack #48

Blue Sunday

January’s a drag. The hosts are finally able to discuss Fallout 4 spoilers, Lee pitches the Nintendo Switch to Rob who keeps a chip squarely planted on his shoulder. We discuss walking the media tightrope and the importance of context, and Rob bookends the show with a tribute. Sometimes it’s not the game, but with whom you played it that makes the best Key Items.

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Turn Based Attack GOTY 2016

December 31, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Lee, Rob, and Mike (with regards from Andrew) gather to discuss the highs and lows of video gaming in 2016.

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Final Fantasy XV Review: A Winding Road

December 14, 2016  /  Filed under: Reviews

Square Enix is back with another fantasy epic – Final Fantasy XV, a game trapped in development for a decade. Could this be the long awaited modern masterpiece that fans have been clamoring for or would Square deliver yet another bizarre entry into their beloved series?

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Turn Based Attack #47

December 11, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

We fire up the microphones during a Final Fantasy XV discussion already in progress. Rob provides his spoiler free hot take on the game, having completed it earlier in the week, while Lee provides some insight into the ‘optional’ primers Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. The hosts also discuss Let it Die, the Game Award winners, Hideo Kojima’s new game, the announcements from the PlayStation Experience stage presentation, and much more!

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Turn Based Attack #46

November 29, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Rejoice, fans of longer podcasts and cursing. Lee and Rob return to discuss all the games they’ve played, the games they haven’t, and the games they’ve yet to play before Game of the Year season. The hosts also discuss the continuing hostility towards certain game developers and the nominations for this year’s Game Awards.

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