Sultans of Slam September 23rd, 2016

Uso That Coming?

Andrew and Lee run down the cards and discuss the first Smackdown LIVE ‘pay-per-view’ Backlash, the Clash of Champions go home Raw, this week’s Smackdown LIVE, and everything in between!


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Turn Based Attack #43

September 17, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Our hosts convene in Lee’s lavish 54 bedroom estate to discuss No Man’s Sky, Pokémon Go, Overwatch, and everything that’s been keeping them busy over the summer. Rob and Lee contemplate who the PS4 Pro is for, why the Arkham games are so well regarded, and the dominance of Psychic-type monsters in the generation one Pokémon games.

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Sultans of Slam August 1st, 2016

August 1, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Andrew and Lee provide their perspective on the WWE draft, Battleground pay-per-view, and the first Raw and Smackdown Live of the ‘New Era’. The show concludes with a tease of things to come from the Sultans of Slam!

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TBA Lite July 3rd, 2016

July 3, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness is unfairly compared to Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE, the hosts briefly tangent with a discussion on story narrative and how it motivates you to complete a game, Lee runs down the newest Pokemon reveals, and Rob taps that Katamari.

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TBA Lite June 25th, 2016 (E3 2016 Review)

June 25, 2016  /  Filed under: Podcasts

Our hosts discuss the highs and lows of E3 2016, what Lee saw and played, the future of the expo, the release of Mighty No 9 and more!

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